Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Fabulous Friday
“Finding your path to peace, hope and joy,”
-Elder  Dieter F. Uchtdorf

American Fork 15th Ward
Friday, October 10, 2014
4:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Dinner will be served

We will have crafts, classes, a spiritual message, prizes, food, friends and fun!  If you’re not interested in the crafts please bring your own or simply come and enjoy the company of your sisters.  We will have a cooking class with delicious and healthy treats-you won’t mess up your diet here ;) Our second class is cleaning your home naturally.  This class will be complete with free cleaning products to sample at home!  Barbie Jones will be available to help with family history as well.  Bring your laptops!

Please turn your money in to 
Charlene Anderson by September 14, 2014.

Decorative Burlap Wreath

Taught by Shareese Boehmer
This beautiful wreath can be spiced up for any holiday or season.   

Swirl-brown with black (pictured here) is $2 more
Chevron-gray & white (is also available) is $2 more


Halloween Wreath
Taught by Cindy Laursen

This gorgeous Halloween Wreath will beautify your home without spooking the trick-or-treaters.


Decorative Slat Board
Starting at $8.50*
Taught by Diane Poulson

Use this cute, sturdy board year-round to decorate your home!  It can be hung on a door, a wall or placed on a stand. 
Size: 17 ½” x 11”
*You may purchase the whole caboodle (slat board with vinyl and 12 overlays) for $68-mark ALL of the boxes.
*Paint will be provided.  You will need to provide your own scrapbook paper, embellishments, and magnets/Velcro (to attach the overlays to the board).
*Overlays may be purchased from The Wood Connection following our activity.


Left: large, right: small

Fabric Notebook Holder
Taught by Sharon Peay

These adorable notebook holders are perfect for your purse or school bag.  The small holder (pictured right) has a felt exterior, buttons closed and measure 5”x7”. It will hold a pen, a small notepad and post-it notes.  The *large fabric holder (pictured left) has a cotton exterior, buttons closed and measures 6”x8”.  It will hold a pen, a small legal pad, post-it notes and more!  Please bring your own button.

 Small size with monogram

 Inside view of small size


Inside view of large size


Wooden Holiday Letters
$16 or $20
Taught by Julie Thompson
These adorable holiday decorations will spice up your home during the Holidays.  The large letters measure over 8” high!


Patriotic Blocks
Taught by Diane Poulson
This patriotic block set is just the right size to decorate your home.  All supplies are provided.  Size: 8” x 4½”.


Family History Ornaments
$2.75 each
Taught by Kelly Bezzant
Remember ALL of your family this Christmas with these priceless ornaments.  You can print your pictures onto 4” vellum and bring them or bring your flash drive with your pictures to be printed that evening.


Taught by Sabrina Hennen

These are too cute to pass up!  All supplies are included.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

American Fork 15th Ward Relief Society
Fabulous Friday

Friday, October 4th, 2013
4:oo pm - 9:30 pm
Dinner will be served

Come and enjoy a night of crafting, learning, chatting and eating!

Sign-ups will end and money is due to Emily Orton 
by Sunday, September 15th.
689 Riverwalk Drive

Orders can also be placed by sending an email to emily@ortonclan.com

Free Classes:
Essential Oils
Taught by Rachel Bostwick and Danielle Jackson

Missionary Tag Frames
Taught by Sharon Peay

Earrings/Rings - .50 each - First come first serve basis
Burlap “Family” and Picture Blocks - $15.00
Reversible “Give Thanks”/”Jingle Bells” Blocks - $9
Noel Blocks with Wreath - $15.00
Home Blocks - $11.00
Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - $1.25 - $3.75
Wicked Witch/Little Monsters Plate - $8 or $11.25
Activity Binder - Complete Set $30 (all portions are optional)
Homemade Card Kits - set of 6 for $3.00 - Choose from birthday, wedding, masculine, Christmas or blank

Taught by: Julie Thompson


Reversible “Give Thanks”/”Jingle Bells” Blocks - $9
Taught by: Diane Poulson

Burlap “Family” and Picture Blocks - $15.00
Taught by: Shauna Elhart and Alicia Haws

Noel Blocks with Wreath - $15.00
Taught by: Marianne Packer
 Home Blocks - $11.00
Taught by: Marianne Packer

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - $1.25 - $3.75
Taught by: Rachel Bostwick

 Wicked Witch/Little Monsters Plate - $8 without the stand
$11.25 with the stand
Taught by: Tiffany Quintero

Children's Activity Binder
Taught by: Emily Orton
$30.00 for complete set
All components are optional and are priced as follows:

2" Binder and cover: $3.00

I Spy Bag

Popsicle Stick Builders

Christ with Children Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Temple Puzzle

General Authority Matching
(Names are for older children and 
pictures are for younger children.  
Both are included.)

Paint Chip Color Matching
50 cents

Dry Erase Crayons with Eraser Mitt and Pencil Pouch

Dry Erase Coloring Pages
25 cents for the set

Felt House

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday 2012

Fabulous Friday
October 5th
4:00 - 9:30
Cultural Hall at the church

Dinner will be served at 6:00.
Please bring a treat to share!

We will be offering a variety of crafts, 
a couple of classes and  the opportunity to participate in a humanitarian project.  
Even if you don’t sign up for a craft, 
there is still plenty to do as well as enjoying the food and company! 

Sign ups for the crafts will end and the money is due by:
Sunday, September 23rd

Please deliver your money (and make checks payable to) 
Emily Orton by the deadline.

Orders can also be placed by email to emily@ortonclan.com

Free Classes:
Basic CPR Skills by Linda Cox @ 7:00
How to Work with Fondant by Shanna Curley @ 8:00

Humanitarian Project:
Heart-shaped pillows for cancer patients

Craft Projects:
Due to Stake Conference and the Brigham City Temple Dedication, 
we will only have our craft display table out for two Sundays: 
September 2 and September 9th.  
Please take a minute to stop by the table and see the projects for yourself 
as pictures rarely do them justice! 
Peace Wooden Letters
Holiday Blocks
“‘Tis the Season” board
Birthday Calendar
Handmade Card Kits
“Family” Sign
Seatbelt Pillow
Potato Cooking Bag
Frosted Holiday Jars
Little Boy Neckties & Bowties
Temple or Picture Block
Wooden Turkey
Clothespin Photo Holder

Spring Basket Door Hanger 
(does not work if you have a screen door)

Spring Wreath

Fall Wreath

Fall Basket 
(does not work with a door screen)

Halloween Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Winter Wreath


These blocks rotate to make a decoration for 5 different holidays 
and one general family decoration.

This is a sequel to the Give Thanks boards we did last year, 
but anyone is welcome to do it!  
If you did the board last year, this one is the same size and can be glued to the back of it, 
allowing you to simply flip it over once Thanksgiving is over.  
In each of the 25 pockets there are cards that can be pulled out daily 
as a countdown for Christmas.  
In the display, we just wrote on the cards services 
that my children can do each day for someone in the family.  
It can be used for Christmas activities, Christmas quotes, Christmas scriptures, etc.

This flip calendar is made of envelopes, one for each month.
 This allows you to store the cards and stamps to be used for that month 
right in the calendar itself.
For each month there are numbers and lines representing the days
in that month where you can write down all of the birthdays you will be
sending cards out for. 

Each kit includes a set of six cards.
Choose from birthday, wedding or blank.


These bags are lined with a special food safe batting.  After only a couple of minutes in the microwave, you will have fully cooked and fluffy potatoes!  Makes for a perfect gift, especially for grandparents or those who are only cooking for a couple of people!

"FAMILY" SIGN - $12.00
This board will be customized with a name and established year at the bottom.
You have the choice of  red paint with black and cream vinyl,
black paint with cream and tan vinyl or 
tan paint   with black and cream vinyl.
Please specify the name and year you would like at the bottom as well as your color choices.

$2.50 + Fabric
Provide your own 6" wide strip of fleece.  
Just buy 6 inches of the fleece of your choice.
Prices range from $1.20 to $2.00 a piece.
$2.50 for the rest of the supplies 
(stuffing, velcro, thread, etc.) 

You provide your own glass jar to Krissy Shields ahead of time 
and she will bring them that night already frosted for you!

25 cents + Fabric
Sizes Baby to 5T
Neckties: You provide your own material.   25 cents per tie for the velcro.
Bring 1/4 yard cotton fabric for the main pattern, and 1/4 yard of a solid
print cotton fabric for the back side of the tie and matching thread.
Bowties: 25 cents per bowtie for the velcro.  Bring 1/4 yard fabric and matching thread.

 $4.50 or $6.00
This craft can either be a picture of the Salt Lake Temple ($6.00) 
or you can provide any picture of your own ($4.50).

Wooden Turkey